Post Hijama Care and Suggestions

1- Drink honey water or eat a date.

2- Take rest.

3- Keep yourself hydrated.

4- Avoid taking a bath or using soap and shampoo on cupped areas for a few hours. However the remaining body can be washed.

5- Avoid swimming, steam and sauna for 24 hours. Similarly avoid physical activities for 24 hours such going to the gym, running, cycling or marital relation. You may do some walk as a physical activity but it must not brisk in order to avoid perspiration.

6- Avoid scratching the cupped areas and do not apply any cream or lotion to reduce the redness of the cupped spots. It will take their time and mostly fade away on its own with in 10 days. You can apply olive oil or honey on the cupped areas after a few hours.

7- Avoid Junk food, caffeine, cold drinks such as Pepsi, coke etc and some experts even suggest to avoid red meat or dairy products for 24 hours after the session. In case if you consume some meat and dairy then you can take a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar mixture to neutralize its effect to an extent.

8- You may get instant relief with hijama or it may take a few days for the effect to kick in so have patience.

9- Complete 4 sessions of hijama atleast which is to be done once a month for four months under normal circumstances.

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