Epilepsy Caused by Jinn and its Cure with Ruqyah and Hijama

Is Epilepsy Caused by the Jinn?

Epilepsy is a considered a mental disorder. The patient is not responsible for his sayings or actions when having a seizure. He does not remember what he had done or said when he was having a seizure. The patient suffers a temporary case of amnesia due to nerve malfunction. Along with those mental disorders the patient suffers from a bad case of muscle disorder. He cannot control himself and cannot even walk properly. He cannot estimate distances and is unable to control his actions, sayings or even his thinking.

Ibn Hajar defines epilepsy as a dysfunction of the limbs and the loss of its total control by the brain. The cause of such dysfunction is a thick breeze that gets locked in the brain or it could be bad vapor rising to the brain from the different parts of the body. It is normally followed by the tensing of the muscles and the patient is not be able to keep his balance and falls and saliva comes out of his mouth. This is called a seizure.

Epilepsy is well known disease in medical science and there is no denying this fact. This is the first type of epilepsy is what the doctors diagnose and treat accordingly. However, there is a second cause of epilepsy and most of the doctors due to lack of Knowledge do not believe in the second cause of epilepsy which is the Evil Jinn. In a lot of cases Epilepsy is caused by the jinn. It is highly possible that all medical reports of such patients are clear and apparently the patient is deemed medically fit, yet he or she has epilepsy. All of these may cause loss of consciousness or unbalanced behaviour. We have always held the opinion that Medical treatment must be integrated with Quranic treatment or Ruqyah treatment on priority and this is the best way to treat patients. We have experienced miraculous success in the past by doing so and we continue to advocate this opinion. Ruqyah is not just for spiritual issues or issues related to the Jinn or Shaytaan or Magic. Rather it ought to by integrated in any form of permissible treatment as Ruqyah has no contra indication but if there nothing evident to suggest the cause of the disease in medical reports then it is more likely that it is due to the Evil Jinn and one must consider a full ruqyah treatment seriously.

Allah says:

هو الذينَ يَأْكُلُونَ الرِّبوا لَا يَقُومُونَ إِلَّا كَمَا يَقُومُ الَّذِي يَتَخَبَّطُهُ الشَّيْطَانُ مِنَ الْمَسِ

“Those who eat Ribaa will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaytaan (Satan) leading him to insanity.” (Al-Baqarah 2:275)

Imam Al-Qurtubi said: This Verse shows that those who deny that epilepsy can be caused by the jinn and that it is caused only by physical factors and that the Shaytaan cannot affect man or cause insanity, are wrong. [Tafseer Al-Qurtubi, 3/255]

Imam Al-Tabari said in his commentary on this Verse: They will not arise from their graves in the Hereafter except in the manner of one who has been beaten by the Shaytaan and driven to insanity. What is meant by that is that the Shaytaan beats him in this world, causing insanity.” [Tafseer Al-Tabari 3/101]

Ibn Katheer (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “Those who eat Ribaa…” this means that they will not be raised except in the manner of one who is suffering an epileptic fit and has been beaten by the Shaytaan; that is because they will be raised in a bad way. [Tafseer Ibn Katheer, 1/326]

Some Doctors’ Opinion on Epilepsy [From وقاية الإنسان من الجن والشيطان]

(1). The American academic, Dr. Carrington, a member of the American Association for Psychological Researches, said in his book, ‘The Modern Spiritual Phenomena’, about epilepsy: “It is clear that the case of epilepsy is, at least, a real fact that science cannot ignore, as long as there are some astonishing facts to support it. So as long as the matter is likewise, then its study has become a necessity not only from the academic side, but also because hundreds of people suffer from it in our time, and their cure from it requires swift examination and treatment…”

(2). Doctor Bell said, in his book ‘Analysis of Unusual Cases in the Treatment of Ailing Minds’: “We have a lot to discover especially that related to spiritual epilepsy (spiritual possession), as it represents a factual cause to many psychological and neural illnesses. It has appeared that spiritual possession is even more complex than initially thought. The personality of a spiritually possessed person is actually made up of different influential aspects, which continue to affect his/her body and soul until he or she completely collapses. Yet, when the exorcists, exercising some spiritual power, manage astonishingly to chase away those evil spirits from the sick, they are scoffed off and ridiculed by some doctors…”

(3). Dr. James Haysslen said in his book about spiritual possession: “It is an extraordinary effect by which an external conscious spirit influences the mind of of a person and his/her body; and so it is impossible to deny the occurrence spiritual possession.”?

(4). According to Dr. Carl Wick land, insanity may occur when an evil spirit possesses a sick person’s body and causes his mental disturbance.”

(5). Among those who confirmed the existence of epilepsy caused by spirits are Dr. Barroz and Dr. Alexis Carrel. They stated that medicine has been unable to cure this phenomenon.

Symptoms During the Night:

Insomnia: The epileptic person cannot go to sleep until after a long time of relaxation.

Restlessness: The epileptic person cannot go into deep sleep and wakes up many times at night.

Nightmares: Epileptics suffer from nightmares and dreams in which they need to be helped but nobody comes to their rescue.

Frightening dreams.

Seeing animals in the dream like cats, dogs, snakes, lions, foxes and mice.

Teeth grinding during sleep.

Laughing, screaming, or crying while asleep.

Yawning or Moaning while asleep.


To see in one’s dream that he is falling from a high cliff.

To see oneself in a graveyard, garbage dump, or a lonely road.

To see scary people who are too tall, too short or to see shayateen or complete pitch black dark existence.

Symptoms During the Day

Chronic headache; provided it is not caused by problems in the eyes, ears, nose, teeth, throat, or the stomach.

Not wanting to do Zikr, prayers or other obedience to Allah.

Strayinh, daydreaming and being absent minded.

Laziness and Restlessness.

Pain in one of the organs which the doctors cannot cure.

The Cure:

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