Contra Indications, Precautions and General advise Before Hijama

1- Come on an empty stomach with atleast a 3 hours fast between your meal and the session and drink 3 or 4 glasses of water before the 3 hours fast. Diabetic patients can use small amount of sweet. Empty your bowels and bladder before coming to the session.

2- Take a bath before the session. It will really help you and us.

3- Avoid blood thinners, anticoagulants or amphetamine. Consult your doctor if you could leave them for 24 hours for your session and then you may get the session done.

4- Blood glucose levels of Sugar patients must be normal before the hijama session. Any person having Anemia, fever, wound healing disorder, hepatitis, going through pregnancy or recovering from surgery must not consider hijama.

5- Complicated cases or a patient having multiple issues must seek consultation.

6- Please respect the therapist and don’t advise the therapist on the number of cups to be placed. It is his/her responsibility to suggest the number of cups based on international studies and experience. We have the authority to reject such patients who argue.

7- Avoid requesting the therapist to make your video. He is not a cameraman.

8- Do constant Dhikr during the session instead of chit chat.

9- Do not bring unnecessary people along with you at the centre. They are most welcome if they are coming for a session or consultation but unnecessary rush doesnt help us nor the waiting patients.

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